Skyline Aviation is part of the AEC-Skyline Holding parent company. Skyline Aviation customers can benefit from additional services that its sister companies AEC Air Support (Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance, surrogate unmanned aerial systems, remote sensing), AEC Medicals (flight physical exams) Southern Cross (Aircraft ferry- and testflight services) and Seppe airport (infrastructure) have to offer.

Customers of our company can also rely on a widespread network of relevant partners that Skyline Aviation has built up within the aviation and defence industry. As a result we can provide our customers with a wide range of excellent solutions to fulfil their requirements.

Skyline Aviation has a flat organization structure which means that our personnel can provide a quick and flexible response to changing demand. In addition we offer 24/7 availability to our clients.

Our company will do its utmost to achieve close cooperation with its customers. Our employees can be placed under direct command during operations or exercises (planning phase/execution phase/assessment phase). Skyline Aviation can deploy its air assets to suitable locations at home and abroad in consultation with its customers. This contributes to cost-effectiveness and high output.